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Declaration of Protection of Personal Data

Declaration of Protection of Personal Data  

The company Inbehave s.r.o., based in Nám. V. Hálka 17, 250 70 Odolena Voda, VAT ID:  CZ02692945, represented by Mr. Michael Repetný, the provider of services of web analytics Zeerat (hereinafter as “Provider”) declares that all personal data of the Users and Visitors are considered as confidential and are treated in accordance with the law no. 101/2000 Sb., on the Protection of Personal Data. We do not provide any of the personal data of our Users to the third parties.


Placement of Personal Data

The personal data of the Users are stored centrally on the servers in Ireland, in the area of the European Union. The data do not leave the area of the European Union in any way. The servers, where the data are stored, are located in the data center of the company Amazon Web Services Inc. (hereinafter as “AWS”). More information about the protection of personal data in AWS are to be found here https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/.


Personal Data Collected in Connection with the Operation of Web Analytics Zeerat

In accordance with the character of the provided services, the Provider reserves the right of the option to collect the following data. These data are considered as confidential and the legal requirements about protection of personal data apply to them.


Personal data of the Users of Zeerat: during the process of registration of the User on www.zeerat.cz or www.zeerat.com the Provider demands the name of the natural/artificial person, an email address and a password chosen by the User. These data can be changed and filled in (a position in the stated company) after creating the User’s account by the User in his settings.

The User can create accounts and enter personal data of their colleagues and employees, whom they will invite to using Zeerat. In case the User will switch from the Free version of the app to a paid one, they will impart their billing data (that may contain the VAT ID in case the User is a person or entity doing business) to the Provider. The paid service Zeerat is to be paid for by the User via payment card or the payment system PayPal. The payment by a payment card is happening via a gateway of the third parties. In all cases the numbers of payment cards or other sensitive data for the payment are processed by the payment gateway of the third party. Inbehave does not keep the numbers of the payment cards nor other payment data, nor does it have an access to them.


Personal data of the Visitors of the User’s websites: the activity of the Visitors of the websites, for which the User uses the analytic tool Zeerat, including records of website usage of such Visitor and data filled in the web formulars. These data are provided by the Visitor on the website to the User (i.e. the operator of the www sites), who will handle such data in compliance with their own conditions for protection of the personal data and the observance of relevant laws is fully in competence of the User (i.e. the operator of the www sites). Zeerat never records the passwords. Furthermore, Zeerat identifies the numerical series such as phone numbers, birth certificate number or number of payment cards, but also does not save them, nor they are transferred from the websites to the system of Zeerat.


Technical data: some of the acquired data about the User and Visitor of the websites include the IP address of the User and/or Visitor, the type of the browser, the type of the operating system and an approximate location. Such data may be acquired and collected in order to perform subsequent analysis of the traffic. These data are collected for further use of the Zeerat User and the company Inbehave does not provide third parties with them.


Security of Personal Data

The transfer of data is secured with the technology SSL/RSA. The data is kept at the AWS and every server is protected with a firewall. More information about Security can be found here – https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/. The access to or change of the personal data by the User is only possible after signing in to Zeerat via www.zeerat.cz or www.zeerat.com, thus a verification of an email address and a password of the User. The Provider and other staff securing the operation of the service Zeerat have an access to the User’s account only within the limits necessary for the management of the system. Only the verified employees have the access to the Provider’s servers, the log-in is only enabled via the SSH protocol. Within some enclosed contractual relations all staff is bound by confidentiality.


Usage of the Cookie Files

When using the service of Zeerat the file called cookie is being used. By processing these cookie files the connection between the visitor’s personal data with the information contained in the cookie file may happen. These data are used solely in order to the follow-up web analysis. The Provider is acting in accordance with the valid legislative when processing the cookie files. The Provider declares he only uses cookies for technology reasons.


The Change and Erasure of the Personal Data The User can change or erase entered personal data after singing into their account. The User can erase other subsequently added Users or erase their User account and thereby they will not be allowed to further usage of the Zeerat service. This process is irreversible. In case of a requirement to change or erasure of data that are not possible to change or erase in the User’s settings, the Provider will do these changes without a delay on a User’s request.


General Terms of Use

The usage of Zeerat follows the General Terms of Use which can be found on the websites www.zeerat.cz or www.zeerat.com.


Final Provisions

The Provider is authorized to change this document to a reasonable extent without the User’s prior notice. An updated version of this document is available at the Provider’s websites www.zeerat.cz or www.zeerat.com.


This document is valid and effective as from the 7th of July 2017.

Updated on June 30, 2017

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